L.Naik Mohd.Mahfuz Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider)

Lance Naik M.Mahfuz was born in 25 October 1944 in Pind Malkan . (now Mahfuzabad) , Rawalpindi and joined Pakistan Army in 25 October 1962.

When the 1971 war started L.Naik Mahfuz was serving in the 15 Punjab Regiment, A Coy.which was on the Wagah Atari Sector. On the night of 17/18 December, his company was ordered to attack the Pul Kanjri village which   was on this sector. In this attack Mahfuz was in the forward platoon no.3 .As a result it had to face the fire of enemy's automatic weapons. When this company was about a distance of 70 yards from the enemy it had to stop its advance due to the constant enemy fire. At dawn the enemy opened its artillery fire . L.Naik Mahfuz faught very bravely,during the fight his machine gun got badly damaged from a splinter of a shell. L.Naik Mahfuz took a machine gun of another soldier and advanced towards an enemy bunker from where its fire was causing casualty to its company.                                            

Inspite his both legs were injured, he kept firing on the enemy and crawled towards the bunker, on reaching near the bunker he stood up and attacked the enemy. A bullet hit him and he fell on the ground and could not grip his machine gun. He kept on crawling towards the bunker.                                                   

After reaching behind the bunker, he pounded the the enemy soldier, held him by his neck and started strangling him.

L.Naik Mahfuz strangled him very hard and killed the Indian Army soldier.Another enemy soldier standing next in the bunker bayonetted Mahfuz and he embraced Shahadat. After the ceasefire during a discussion with the Indian Army officer told that the bravery of L.Naik Mahfuz Shaheed had not indeed been seen in the past.

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