Hav. Lalak Jan Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider)

Havaldar Lalak Jan was a brave soldier of 12 Northern Light Infantry Battalion, he inflicted heavy casualties to the enemy during the Kargil Conflict and repulsed several Indian attacks on his post. 

In May 1999 when it was informed that the enemy is preparing for a big attack, Lalak Jan was performing his duties at the Coy Head Quarters but wanted to perform at the forward positions to fight with the enemy. He was sent to the post which the enemy feared and was of a constant threat to them. 

On the night of last week of June 1999, Indian Army attacked Lalak Jan's post with a force of one battalion. During the attack, Lalak Jan retaliated and fired on the enemy from different positions, he crawled to the every bunker of the post and boosted the morale of his soldiers. The fight continued for the whole night, Lalak Jan and his soldiers spoiled every efforts of the enemy and by morning the Indians retreated leaving back lots of dead bodies. The next night after receiving a fresh reinforcement, the enemy again attacked the post from different sides but still this time Lalak Jan and his soldiers again repulsed the attack and inflicted heavy casualties to the enemy. 

On 7th July 1999, Indian Army attacked Lalak Jan's post with artillery fire. Shells exploded the whole day and again at night, the Indian Army attacked Lalak Jan's post from three sides. During this attack, Lalak Jan was hit on his chest by enemy machine gun fire but he did not die soon. He defended his post for another three hours, he did not vacate his post on the request of his company commander and continued to fight, most of his men had attained Shahadat. By the time Pak Army reinforcement reached the post and the enemy attack was repulsed, Lalak Jan had defended his post till the last drop of his blood and embraced Shahadat on his post.

Hav. Lalak Jan repulsed seventeen Indian attacks on his post in three days. The post on which Lalak Jan embraced Shahadat is still a part of Pakistan.