Pak India 1971 War

Pak Army jeep on patrol during the war.

Pak Army soldiers in combat with the Indian Army.

Pakistani soldiers carry a dead body of an Indian officer killed during the war.

Pakistani soldiers near the front line in East Pakistan.

Guerrillas of Mukti Bahini getting ready to Martyr Pakistani soldiers in East Pakistan.

Troops raise Pakistani flag at Kaiser-e-Hind in Hussainiwala inside Indian territory.

Pakistani troops fire a mortar in a defensive emplacement 2000 yards from the Indian troops occupying the village of Dangapara. 27 Nov 1971

Pakistani soldiers look at a body of a dead Indian soldier in Burinda village six miles inside East Pakistan.

IAF MiG-21 shot down by Pak Army ground fire at Chammb. 12 Dec 1971

Pakistani soldiers on patrol during the war.

Pakistani soldiers hold their position 2000 yards from Indian troops in Dangapara East Pakistan. 27 Nov 1971

Pakistani troops observe the body of an Indian officer who was killed in fighting near Jessore during the war. 29 Nov 1971

Pakistani soldiers in their bunker await the attack of Indian paratroopers.

Lt General Assan Ali Khan visits the front line troops in Hilli on the north west border of East Pakistan.

Indian officer killed in combat by Pakistani troops.

Pakistani soldier awaits attack of Indian Army.

Lt. Gen Niazi head of east command accompanies soldiers wounded at the front in a plane. 29 Nov 1971

Lt Gen Niazi and Lt Gen Aurora arrive at Ramna Race Course in Dacca for the signing of surrender document by Pakistan Eastern Command. East Pakistan got separated through Indian conspiracies as India fully exploited Pakistan's internal crisis. Pakistan Army was being fought by Indian Army and the rebel Mukti Bahini fighters supported and funded by India. Due to a civil war scenario and seeing no vision and positive end in sight, Pakistan finally surrendered on 16 December 1971.