Masterpiece Of Pakistan's Defence Capabilities

Al-Khalid is the tank which meets the full requirements of the Pakistan Army for the next centuries. The design of this tank has makes it capable to upgade itself and expand its technology. Al Khalid is a masterpiece which has been build in the Heavy Industries Taxila which has been working to make Pakistan self sufficient in its defence needs. The research and development Al Khalid tank has been done in nine years after continuous hard work of our engineers. This tank can compete with the best tanks of the world.

Al Khalid Design and Special Features
Al Khalid tank is comparatively smaller as compared to rest of the tanks of the world which makes it easy to comouflage. This tank can submerge 5 meters under  deep water and can move easily. This tank provides maximum protection to its crew. The navigation of this tank is done by Global Positioning Systems. No tank can be produced by the world which competes the qualities and capabilities of Al Khalid. 

Al Khalid Combat Speed & Ratio
Al Khalid tank's ratio is maximum as compared with the world. In minimum twenty seconds it speed reaches upto 70 km/h while accelerating to 30 km/h in less than 10 seconds.

Al Khalid Engine & Weight
Al Khalid tank is fitted with an engine of 1200 horse power which is the best in the world. The maximum weight of Al Khalid is 46 tons which makes itself  easily to manouver in less time in the battle. 

Al Khalid Fire Power
Al Khalid is fitted with a smooth bore gun of 125mm which can also fire missiles. It is externally fitted with 7.62mm excel mg and 12.7mm gun. It has the capability to fire
8 rounds per minute by the help of  24 rounds magazine. Al Khalid Tank has the ability of acquiring multi targets as the commander is targets one object independently while the gunner is engages a previously selected one. The modern fire control system enables its first round to hit its target accurately.

Al Khalid Armour Protection
Al-Khalid tank has been equipped with NBC Thermal Smoke Generator and automatic fire estinguishing system which provides maximum protection and efficiency for its three men crew.  Modular composite Armour and explosive reactive Armour. protects its crew from being hit by an enemy shell.